There is just something about designing a great logo that I absolutely love! Here are a few of my best logo designs. If you are in need of a logo design, reach out! (

My current personal Logo [@ptbamson]
My previous Personal Logo [@ptbamson]

Logo I designed for Power and Purpose Movement [@powerpurposemovement]
Logo I designed for First 500 [@tlhughes00]

Logo I designed for SLIP Media [@slipmedia]

You’re Doing It Wrong Tutorial Series Logo [@ydiw_series]

Logo I designed for Ore Aweda [@yourboyore]

Logo I designed for NEXT Architects [@NEXTarchitects]

Logo idea for ST

Logo idea for Casey Neistat’s 368

Logo idea for SP

Logo of my initials Pb

Logo I designed for the MICKEY AND T YouTube Channel [@MickeyandT]

Logo I designed for my friends’ wedding, Fortune and Alexandria
Logo I designed for Black Line Transport

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