Where do I seek and find nature? Why?

In order for me to properly answer the question of where I find nature, I need to first define what I believe nature is and is not. Nature is everything that existed before, will exist after or is not created by man. Now even though I believe that nature can not be created by man, it can, be and often, is affected, altered, and manipulated by man. Through out history, nature has been depicted as a separate and powerful entity, one to be revered and feared. It simultaneously had the ability to strike one with awe and with death if not careful.

Today, nature is seen as an entity to be protected as the growing dominance of human influence threatens to undo its delicate balance. But does it truly need to be protected? Will nature not fully adapt to and create new equilibrium, whether compatible with human life or not? Nature is not a static entity but a dynamic and fluid one capable of rolling with the punches thrown at it. As nature is dynamic, so must our view of it be.

I believe that all I need to do to find nature is merely look no further than the floor I am standing on. Nature is everywhere! It covers every inch of my being and that of my surroundings. The ants crawling on the bedroom floor, the grass peering through the crack sin concrete, the bird flying overhead, my roommate yelling at his video game misfortune. Nature is everything! No matter how much we try to fight it off or insulate from its influence, nature finds a way to regain the space acquired from it. It’s only a matter of time. So it is best to embrace it.

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