MKSK, a combination of two smaller standalone landscape architecture practices into a much larger 80 person practice, aims to work with a smaller firm/ studio mentality while being able to accomplish many larger scale projects. As a firm, MKSK focuses on fostering true ownership of the practice in all employees so they feel comfortable seeing their profession as more than 9-5 job. As they have decades of professional experience with the combination of both firms, MKSK has the expertise to design and see through multiple large scale projects in Ohio and beyond.

One such project is the Columbus Riverfront which was a massive restructuring of the rivers banks, slope, and overall hydrology. This led to multiple opportunities for landscape manipulation and hydrologic engineering to restructure the rivers flow through the city. The $35.5 million project is the result of immense public-private partnership in Columbus. The success of the project came from increased accessibility to the river as well as improved hydrologic performance. This project is one of many that MKSK is working on to bring the public closer to the landscape around them.

Image Credit: Columbus Riverfront Scioto Greenways MKSK

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