Sasaki is a Landscape Architecture practice that believes in the power of multidisciplinary collaboration, research integration, and planning. Founded by Hideo Sasaki in 1953, Sasaki aimed to integrate city/urban planning and landscape architecture to create projects of much larger impact as he believed that “we do nothing in isolation”.

One of my favorite projects of theirs is Sea Change Boston (Picture Above) which is a project aimed at diving deep into research on changing climate and its effects on sea level rise. The scientific and historical research revealed the potential for sea level rise and its true impact to the Boston area. This project and many others show their willingness to collaborate with not only consultants, but also with the local community, academia, and researchers to create projects that drive resilience through many layers and depth.

Laura Marett, who was giving the presentation, also discussed the office culture which seemed to display a sense of openness. To build team trust, work ethic, and responsibility, Sasaki designers have cultivated a community garden in the back of their building. Along with strong team collaboration, Sasaki also invests heavy in strategic planning and integrated research and technology which is then fed back into their work. The goal for Sasaki is to always research-experiment-repeat.
Image Credit: Sea Change Boston

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