Jane Amidon, a professor of Landscape Architecture and Director of the Urban Landscape Program at Northwestern University School of Architecture, started by studying Environmental Studies and became deeply interested in the effect of land use policy design on the underlying systems of our landscape and environment. She stated that the “frame that we place on nature vs man-made or urban vs rural landscapes determines the way that that land will be used going forward.”

Jane’s career seemed as one of transition as she moved from a love of history to a love of creative design as well as professional practice to the academic sphere, no path is set in stone. After getting to study under famous landscape architects like Dan Kiley, Jane started her own practice in Colorado and then began her academic career first at the Knowlton School of Architecture at Ohio State University, then Northwestern University School of Architecture.

Being the author and co-author of multiple publications, like Radical Landscapes: Reinventing Outdoor Space in 2001 and Moving Horizon: The Landscape Architecture of Kathryn Gustafson and Partners in 2005, Amidon aims to convey many of the ideas of environmental resiliency and sustainability of landscapes and ecosystems and how design can foster them.

Image Credit: Radical Landscapes Authored by Jane Amidon https://www.amazon.com/Radical-Landscapes-Reinventing-Outdoor-Space/dp/050028427X

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